I am Not Broken

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Date: Nov. 2019

Client: Timothy Suggs

My Role: Videographer and editor

Tools:   Nikon 7D, Adobe Premiere

I created a documentary to tell the story of Timothy Suggs, a partially paralyzed man. Despite his limitations, Timothy has found a way to live his life to the fullest.


I created several storyboards to present to the client. 


Using a Nikon 7D, I captured footage of my client to create his documentary. I was able to obtain all the necessary shots in two days.

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Photo Selection

In addition to the footage I filmed, I added four pictures into the documentary. These pictures enhanced the storytelling while allowing the viewer to understand the client on a deeper level. 

Final Product

I used Adobe Premiere to edit the footage I captured to create the final video.

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The client loved the video and felt it reflected his character perfectly. He has used the video several times to show friends and family what life is like through his eyes.