Date: May 2019 – Aug. 2019

Client: Audubon North Carolina

My Role: Communications/Social Media Intern

Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Pages, Instagram, Keynote, Numbers, Hootsuite

The National Audubon Society is a company dedicated to bird conservation and preservation. I worked at the North Carolina branch as the Communications/Social Media intern. Along with writing articles and creating Facebook posts, I was tasked with successfully relaunching the company’s Instagram account. 


During my internship with Audubon NC, I noticed that the communications department was having trouble connecting with a younger audience through social media. They were skilled at using Facebook and Twitter, but were unsure how to create successful content for their Instagram account. They also found it challenging to connect with the surrounding minority community.

Target Audience

The target audience was culturally diverse young adults within the ages of  19-29. These individuals would be interested in nature or bird watching.  I created a persona for the client to highlight the wants and needs of the audience.

User Research

Each branch within the National Audubon Society has an Instagram account, Facebook account, and Twitter account. I analyzed several of the Instagram accounts within the company to understand what type of content would be successful and unsuccessful.

I compiled the data I collected from my research and turned it into a slideshow. After presenting my findings to my colleges, I hosted a webinar for several chapter leaders to address areas of potential growth within their Instagram accounts.

After presenting my findings to my colleges, I hosted a webinar for several chapter leaders to address areas of potential growth within their Instagram accounts.


My primary goal was to successfully relaunch Audubon NC’s Instagram account. The new and improved content would attract a younger diverse audience, while also meeting the wants and needs of their current audience. My secondary goal was to create several resources that the communications team could utilize to maintain the account in the future.

Business Plan

 I created a slideshow outlining a business plan. These slides contain layouts, future posts, tips for creating successful posts, and ideas for future content.

I went on a variety of trips interacting with birds and other animals throughout my internship. I saved boomerangs, videos, and images from each trip to create highlights. These highlights would be posted on the company Instagram page in the future.

To forge a connection with the community, I proposed hosting a week-long event to showcase local photographers, artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. This event would also expose the client’s content to more viewers within their target audience.

Content scheduling

In June, one month before the launch, I created a content calendar in Hootsuite schedule when each post would be uploaded. To gain a steady following, I proposed that content should be frequently posted throughout the day. 2 -3 posts would be uploaded between the hours of 8 am- 11 am, 12 pm- 2 pm or 5 pm- 9 pm.

Launch Day

On the day of the launch, I went to Wilmington, NC to band Brown Pelicans. I took pictures throughout the day and periodically uploaded boomerangs and videos to the company IG story.

I later uploaded several posts to the company’s Instagram page and wrote an article detailing the Pelican banding experience.

Instagram Story

Instagram Posts


Pelican Banding 101: Mind the Beak


By using the resources I created, Audubon North Carolina’s social media department has been able to maintain its Instagram account.

Audubon North Carolina had a dormant Instagram account with 80-89 followers and 0 posts. Over the course of 1 month, I was able to create 96 posts, which tripled the number of followers.

Several months later, I used my research to develop a website called Mediabirder. This site was created to teach professionals at Audubon how to successfully navigate through Instagram.