100-Second Story

Date: Feb. 2020

Client: Quori James

My Role: Videographer and editor

Tools:   Nikon 7D and Adobe Premiere

In 100 seconds I told the story of a man named Quori cooking dinner for a date with a girl. The story is told through visuals and background music that utilizes sounds sampled from the footage.


Before I met with the client, I created ___ storyboards to have a general idea of what scenes to capture. I also tried to emphasize sound bites that could be taken from each scene.


I used a Nikon 7D to film the client for the piece. I was able to obtain all the necessary shots in one day. 

Sound Sampling

After I  sampled sounds from all the scenes, Quori, a music producer located Greensboro, NC, created a song that would be used to tell his story.

Final Product

I used Adobe Premiere to edit the footage and to add the song to the finished product. 

Play Video


The client was pleased with the collaboration. He decided to use the video to gain followers on his Instagram account.